So the big plan on Tuesday is another shoot.  This one is outside and medieval attire but in a grave yard.  Oh this one sounds fun!!  Quite excited to see how this one goes.
So far I have a meeting tomorrow night with a new photographer for some outside shoots.  Very excited to see what his ideas may be for this one.  And I will be doing another shoot with DJMPHOTOS on the 3rd of August as well as another shoot (unknown date just yet) with Boudiour Alantik.  Love being busy!!
So I have been asked, why do I do this.  Well it's quite simple.  Life is too short to not do something and then look back years later and say "I should have done that".  So when I look back I can smile and say, "I did that". 
I have also been asked "what do you want to shoot"?  Well anything that makes me look great is what I want to shoot but as long as I am having fun and laughing that is most important.